Buying Chinese Guitars for Cheap

An example of a knockoff guitar.

An example of a knockoff guitar.

As said before, a lot of Chinese dealers try to rip-off Gibson guitars. But believe it of not, a lot of Chinese dealers just make knockoff guitars. Hence, I compiled a list of knockoff dealers to save you some dough if you’re not worried about brand names. Please note: I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies and do not take responsibility for any scams or rip-offs when dealing with overseas businesses.

Zibo J&W Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. – Despite the massive inventory, you still have to contact the dealer if you want to order a guitar.

Weifang YangsenBoyun Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. -Nice looking guitars, but again you must contact the dealer for prices.

Shanghai Kallen Piano & Musical Instruments Co., Ltd – Offers pretty much every type of instrument and an easier inquiry system. Only one question, what is a “Blow”?

Aileen Musical Instruments Co., Ltd – Knockoff stringed instruments with an actual cart purchasing system.

Changle Yiqun Musical Instruments Co., Ltd – A nice looking site but lack of organization. Uses a contact system.

Liaocheng Sunsmile Musical Instruments Inc. – Professional looking site that also offers amps and accessories apart from guitars. Uses a contact system. (My personal favorite)

Check out the sites and see if there’s a guitar waiting for you there. And until next time, good luck!

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