Buying Chinese Guitars for Cheap – A Follow-Up

This costs $35

This costs $35

This costs $1350

This costs $1350

If you haven’t already figured it out, this is a follow-up of my “Buying Chinese Guitars for Cheap” post (which can conveniently be found here).

So I emailed Sunsmile Guitars to see if they would send me a free review unit to share with you readers. I’m not sure if this an act of miscommunication or just a default email, but this is the reply I received:

Dear The Dealsician,

Many thanks for your inquiring.

Please be so kind to check our price lists in the attachment.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or suggestion.Looking forward to hearing from you.



A little Engrish ridden. Which leads me to believe that Anna doesn’t get that I don’t want to buy a guitar, I just want to review one. The email lacked the attachments that Anna had promised me about, but a quick email later, I had the whole inventory prices at my fingertips. I opened up the tables and started searching around looking at the prices for the guitars. THESE THINGS ARE CHEAPER THAN SLICED BREAD! Their SST 01 Strat knock-off costs a mere $37.50. Their double-necked SG knockoff costs $140.

But wait! There’s more! Need a hard-shell case with that? $25 please. And an 80-watt amp? $85. You can even put on a custom logo most of the things they sell. Check out all of their products here.

Last thoughts: I’m not quite sure how much shipping is, I have emailed them requesting shipping costs but no replies so far. If you buy from Sunsmile, and they turn out to be scammers (doubtfully, they’ve been at Musikmesse) or whatever else might they be, then you take full responsibility for your actions. I will try to get a review unit ASAP. Good Luck!

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4 Comments on “Buying Chinese Guitars for Cheap – A Follow-Up”

  1. Jerry Howard Says:

    I bought a couple of guitars from Sunsmile for evaluation purposes. They were very well made for the price. Much better than other Chinese knockoffs I have seen. I dealt with Anna mentioned above and she was very nice to deal with.

  2. Steve Says:


    I’d like to know who wrote this review? Do you know that sunsmile are featured in NME magazine? watch their promo on youtube. We are thinking of buying from them. Of course, there is some worry buying from any Manafacturer you havent met in person, but shop around and you will see, sunsmile seem to be the pro outfit – to me anyway. ID like to talk to the guy who wrote this email and see what info he bases his ctiticism on?

  3. Raul Says:

    Hello!, I’m from Venezuela and recently I found your blog when I was looking information about Chinese guitars. Also I found the web page of Sunsmile guitar, and I started to write to that factory, and “Anna” sen the answers to my questions: I’m looking for a Rickenbacker replica, to use it as a spare of my real Ric 350. The price is incredible cheap (130$), but the shipping cost is high. I ask about the shipping cost to my country and to USA and is between $200 to $290. Its the only bad part. Unfortunately Sunsmile don’t sell online, to pay I must do a bank deposit, a transfer, etc !. I hope that will be fine and the guitar came. In youtube the are testing almost ALL the models. Best regards ! Raul

  4. Pat Smith Says:

    Hi Just wondering if Sunsmile is easy to work with and cost to get guitars to the USA from them. Thanks

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